(Watch in 1080p 60fps if available!)


Crusher, a longer project, rendered fully in Unreal Engine 4.

Just a few inches more and he -could- very well appear as a modded challenger in Unreal Tournament.


Inspired by the streamer itmeJP who does a live pen and paper rollplaying games series called “Rollplay”, I decided to make Crusher, his character on the show called Mirrorshades. which is a Shadowrun campaign, Cyberpunk. It’s starting to form a pattern already.


Tech Specs

Model is 65k Polygons, has LOD’s, Apex Cloth and a fully working skeleton. With a few more tweaks it could be used in UT.
It uses 3x2k textures, in addition to a whole bunch of tiling textures adding up to about another 2k in total.

It is of course rendered in Unreal Engine 4, at realtime, and uses Layered materials, parameterized, for easy tweaking.

The rig is the standard UT skeleton used at this point in time with a bunch of additions. There is also a version compatible with Hairworks, and TresFX which aren’t shown here.