In the far future of the dark appocalypse this bounty hunter tracks his prey. Using stealth and guile he traverses worlds with horrors unspoken.

The Hunter was created with a few goals in mind, of course.

  • Learning how to handpaint textures while retaining some Material Definition
  • Investigate how to create PBR materials
  • Teach myself to use the Unreal 4 Engine and it’s Material Editor properly, with layered, customizable materials among which, Skin, hair and cloth shading.
  • Focussing on Design, take a particular style and apply it to everything. I’ve been told by my friends that the character is Overdesigned, To which I say hurray.

The inspiration for the character was derived mainly from Darksiders with it’s particular style. It started off as “Strife” from Joe Mad’s art, but I quickly realized I didn’t wanna do exactly that at the time. (Though I might in the future because he’s so damn cool)


  • 60k Poly including weapons and accesories
  • 2k (body) / 2k (weapons) / 512 (arm) /128 (Bullets) Textures
  • Sculpt with handpainted Textures
sev_body_Tex sev_extras_Tex