This little project was a gift for my big sister’s big wedding day.


I made a her a bust, sculpted it from the ground up, using everything I’ve learned so far and then used that that to create this bust she can put anywhere in iron.

the process was as follows:

  • I sculpted the model in Zbrush, using all the knowledge I have, stylized, and made it print compatible (cant see tattoos on a print like you can on a texture after all!)
  • The model was printed by Shapeways, at a height of 14cm, hollowed out quickly in meshmixer.
  • The model, and the PVC pipe were glued to a nylon cutting board with a glue gun
  • the mould was then created by casting 2 component sillicone onto the model in the pipe.
  • Mould was released, cut at a small piece.
  • By mixing Polyester Resin, with iron powder and then pouring that into the mould, I created a cold-casted iron model.
  • Left to set for an entire day, before it was sanded down a little.
  • The model was then treated to a firm bath of Hydrochloric Acid Copper solution, causing it to immediately rust.
  • The rusted model was then burnished with steel-wool and the back of a spoon to create what you see!

She really liked it, I hope you do too.