In the grim dystopian future of 2054, Megacorporations have taken over the world and Cybernetics are not only common, but almost required. Corporations like Militech (Cyberpunk 2020), Ares Macrotechnology (Shadowrun), Sarif Industries (Deus Ex) and of course Tyrell Corporation (Blade Runner) rule Cyberpunk universes with their own private armies, security and sometimes even their own arcologies and countries.

Cyberpunk is a genre I very much love. It’s probably my favorite to read, play or watch and thusly this was a perfect fit for me to make.

My goals for this character were very clear from the start, and thusly it went quite expediently.

  • Learn to Layer materials fully and completely within Quixel
  • Figure out how materials work in Marmoset Toolbag 2
  • Make (somewhat) realistic character including realistic skin and metals.
  • Practice anatomy as hard as I can

Warning: The Below Marmoset file is very large (48MB), and possibly heavy. Scroll down for a lighter itteration

Tech Specs


Body & Head:   4k,       Specular Workflow
Hair:                 1k,       Anisotropic Specular (strips)
Eye:                 512px, Dual layered eyes
Magnum:          2k,       Metalness Workflow
Mini Diorama:   2k,       Adv Metalness workflow (UE4

Aiko: 53,858
Magnum: 8,848



A Pistol I made a while back in conjunction with Edon Guraziu who made the concept art for it. It was left alone for a long while because it was asociated with a project that didn’t meet my quality standards. So it was retextured up to PBR standards and now is part of the Aiko presentation.

I don’t usually do weapons, but this one’s an exception.

Make sure to follow Edon as well, his designs are amazing.Link